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  • Nitefreak joins forces with &friends and vocalist Phina Asa to make Tomorrowland Music Debut with Beautiful Single, “Ike Onu”


    African producer Nitefreak recently reunited with Afro-house collective helmed by Sean Thomas AKA &friends and key vocal collaborator Phina Asa for a joint-release entitled “Ike Onu”, to make their debut via acclaimed international dance brand Tomorrowland’s record imprint.

    This formal collaborative production between Nitefreak and &friends follows up the success of Nitefreak’s remix of &friends’ pivotal single “Ode Ireti” ft. Oluwadamvic and eL-Jay. The remix saw unprecedented, viral success – receiving massive radio and touring support from top names in the space including Keinemusik, the infectious chorus “o-le-le” has become a staple in the sets of many titans of dance music.

    “Ike Onu” means “Stronger Together” in the native African language of Igbo.  The song is smooth and soulful, with Phina Asa’s vocals making their way back to the &friends soundwaves for the third time this year, following up her first single “Dangerous” and the projects’ Armada Music debut with an official cover of Armin Van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like”. 

    The poignant percussion of the track boasts both signature sonic elements that belong to both &friends and Nitefreak all on their own, but find their way to the same track in perfect harmony.  The lyrics of the song are heartfelt, reflecting on the challenges of the modern world while recognizing the complexity of life and importance of unity and collaboration for growth and resilience.   The meaning of the track aptly demonstrates the continued creative partnership that has helped put both Nitefreak and &friends’ productions on a world stage.

    Sharing on the lyrics of the track, Phina Asa says “The idea behind this song was that I thought about the world today, and how it doesn’t look how it used to.  It’s getting more challenging  and complex, and in life we can’t thrive on our own without any help.  We need people to support us, push us, hold us accountable, and help us grow.”

    2023 is already delivering a thoughtfully produced, artfully composed compilation of works from both Nitefreak and &friends respectively.  Through a holistic, multifaceted approach, both artists are set to make their way to even more dance floors around the world to unite us all.

    Check it out below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Nitefreak joins forces with &friends and vocalist Phina Asa to make Tomorrowland Music Debut with Beautiful Single, “Ike Onu”

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