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  • Nihil Young Discusses New Mesmeric Remix To Talal’s Single “Lorean” Via Where The Heart Is Imprint


    Nihil Young’s consistent output of highly expressive electronic music — notorious for a deeply melodic, gripping and arbitrary journey, tells us more about him than words ever could. Whether releasing finely-tuned techno built firmly for the clubs, or cutting-edge progressive fit for main stages across the globe, his dynamic and masterful soundscapes overflow with emotion and are delivered in what feels like an ‘effortless’ manner. His gift for evoking emotion through mesmerizing synthesizers, precise percussion, and powerful, driving grooves is ultimately what labels of the highest order such as Yotto’s Odd One Out, Nora En Pure’s Purified, Toolroom, Kittball and Zerothree began to notice.

    Now, he’s back with a mesmeric remix, a true prog track, to Talal’s single “Lorean” via David Hohme’s amazing Where The Heart Is imprint. As expected, Nihil Young showcases just how talented he is in the studio with a flurry of entrancing synth melodies and eerie bass stabs, all while keeping the beauty of the original at the center.

    We had a chance to catch up with Nihil Young to discuss his new remix. Check it out below!

    What elements of Talal’s original track did you want to keep, and what did you want to change?
    I kept one of the mean leads but turned it into a groover rather than a melody. The original is very peculiar, and it’s an 80s-inspired downbeat with chill and cute melodies which I could hardly fit into my current sound, so I had to come up with something different, trying to retain the sweet feel of it but turning it into something tougher.

    What is the most important aspect of a successful remix?
    There are a lot of factors involved: the success of the originals in the first place, the label releasing it, the placements (whether DSPs support it / like it or not), and much more. Sonically speaking, if vocals or peculiar melodies/sounds are involved, it will behoove the remixer to come up with something original and different rather than just rearranging the original or changing its speed and just a handful of sounds. To each their own, I always try to do something else entirely and retain a few sounds from the original.

    How has your sound evolved over the years, and where do you see your sound going next?
    I started with melodic Techno and House and moved on to Techno and Tech House, returning to more melodic sounds.

    Looking back at my catalog, I always struggled to stick to a specific sound. I had a lot of distractions and mishaps over the years that kept me from finding my sound, mastering it, and sticking to it. I’m pretty close now, finally happy and satisfied with my sound design skills, having found my instruments, etc.
    I intend to keep delivering melody-based, tough beats with more attention to sound design and particular techniques, go back to using my voice, various forms of sampling, and always keep an open ear and mind regarding whatever new technology may arise. Some countless instruments and plug-ins are constantly re-shaping the game and are worth looking into.

    What was your first reaction when you were approached to do a remix for Talal’s “Lorean” on Where The Heart Is Records?

    I tried to juggle my ridiculous releasing schedule, doing my best to deliver a remix to my friend Talal and to a lovely label I have never had the pleasure of working with.

    What do you hope listeners take away from your remix of Lorean?
    Any perception of any depth, emotion, positive thought, enjoyable groove or even a single sound they might like.




    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Nihil Young Discusses New Mesmeric Remix To Talal’s Single “Lorean” Via Where The Heart Is Imprint

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