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  • Nathan Katz Graces The Industry With Four-Tracker Parallax EP


    All Day I Dream and its Organic roster never cease to amaze.

    Delivering the Organic House choons for you all! We’re delighted to share the news that Argentinian producer Nathan Katz released an impressive EP just last week. The collection, which contains not one, not two, but four tracks, is titled Parallax, and is out now on our beloved blue-and-white label. If you see a blue sky and a cloud for an artwork, you know we’re talking about All Day I Dream, Lee Burridge’s Organic House imprint.

    Nk-5-772x1024.jpgNathan Katz.

    He who’s seen quite the meteoric rise from his debut tracks in 2017, Katz quickly caught the attention of heavyweights Lee Burridge and Nick Warren, among many others. Featured for the first time in 2022’s A Winter Sampler IV compilation, Nathan’s interaction with the label goes a relatively long way, and this EP is sure not to be his last contribution to it.

    Parallax very welcomingly sits on the more groovy and heavy side of the Organic House spectrum. Four tracks describe the story of Nathan’s vision of his music, which he recognises as a blend of several influences that span much further than Dance music itself.

    β€œThe direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions… Parallax.”

    -Nathan Katz.

    Nathan Katz – ParallaxΒ EP Tracklist

    1. Parallax
    2. Moonlight
    3. Flamingo with Molac
    4. Dreamland


    Immersive, mysterious, warm, euphoric. All in one package. Can you top an experience like this? It’s tough. No wonder this is the one song that gave the EP its name. Don’t get me wrong, the succeeding tracks are truly marvellous, but this one is something else. It’s one of those tracks that can really put you into a trance. Few track number ones have really been my favourite of the bunch in my life, it’s this EP, and Above & Beyond’s β€˜Tri-State’. Quite the award on my end if you ask me.


    Super groovy, unbelievably so. And that’s a good thing. It’s playful, with the contrast of the little shy plucks, the chord progressions, the vocal, the bass, and, well, the star of the show, the incredibly tasty percussion lines. Ever went for a late-night snack on a drive thru after a party? The sensation of that first bite in the middle of the night, this track is the sonic equivalent.


    Second place for me. What a track, what a journey! Because there’s no other way of properly addressing this, other than a journey. As much as you can notice Molac’s hand on the record β€” a producer who’s now leading the Sendas Music Collective movement bringing an entirely new dimension of Organic power to the game β€”, there’s a lovely change in the break. It shifts your body from the dancefloor to Heaven, and back. I won’t anticipate what it is, your homework is to feel it.


    The perfect ending to a spectacular four-course auditive delight. Dancefloor-oriented at its most crowded sections, and made for self-reflection melody-wise, the closing track of the EP gives you one final angle from which to look at Katz’s work. And what a well-done work it is, if I’m honest with you. This one I see as the perfect high-energy encore for a Full Moon party by the beach. Don’t ask me why, but I feel it!

    Listen toΒ Nathan Katzβ€˜s colossal Parallax EP down below by hitting the β€˜Play’ button on theΒ SpotifyΒ block we’ve provided. Alternatively, clickΒ this linkΒ to support the release on your favourite platform. And be sure to stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views of the Dance industry.

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