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  • Music With A Powerful Message: Barron S Releases Tech House Inspired Single ‘TKO’


    Barron S is best described as a one part fiery red-head and a two part TOTAL music nerd. The female’s talents and relentless passion have rewarded her with quite the opportunities thus far in her young career. To name a few, she was featured as DJ on Rihanna’s Anti World Tour, has opened for Electro Funk duo Chromeo, House DJ & Producer Sharam Jey, and Las Vegas DJ KnowleDj, and she’s spun for over 500,000 people at Vancouver’s Pride Parade. And Barron S made history back in 2018 when she became the first female DJ in the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks. From 2018 to 2021, she held both In-Arena DJ and Music Director positions with the team. 

    Fast forward to today, Barron S’ independent music career is starting catch wind and she just dropped a new song on October 13th. The new single titled ‘TKO’ is passionate tech house banger that’ll leave fans dancing, in thought, and wanting another play. Having a dance track that incorporated a powerful message was important for Barron S in her new single.

    The message behind ‘TKO’ is about choosing to opt-out of the patriarchy.  “When I found myself working in the heart of the boys’ club, I saw limitless possibilities for change and progress,” said Barron S, about the inspiration behind her song. “After movements like ‘Me Too’ jumped into mainstream consciousness, I thought society was ready to become accountable for the inequalities which oppress women on a daily basis. But after being shut out, shut down and shut up time and time again, I realized how damaging these work environments have been to my mental and emotional health. I can make more positive change in the world by stepping away from toxic environments and aligning with collaborators who share my values.”

    Speaking on the song Barron S says:

    “While writing ‘TKO,’ a friend of a friend heard me say “suck my d*ck” while visiting my studio session, and told me there are just some things women shouldn’t say,” Barron S recalled. “I told him to get the hell out of my session, then added the lyric ‘ride my d*ck’ to this song. 

    “I don’t believe women should have to follow different rules: not in what we can say or do, where we can work, how much we are paid, what we wear, how much of our bodies we choose to show and certainly not for our reproductive freedoms.”

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Music With A Powerful Message: Barron S Releases Tech House Inspired Single ‘TKO’

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