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  • Multi-Gifted Miami-Based Star Ambrxse Gearing Up for a Takeover in HisCapacities as a Vocalist, Songwriter, and



    Ambrxse is set to rattle the musical cages once more as he seeks to ascertain his dominance in the field that has been his favorite stomping ground for quite a while now. A man of many gifts and a safe keeper of all, this Miami-based genius is always adding to his repertoire of talents with each passing day. As a crossover DJ, he has discovered that there is actually a way he can make his sound even better by incorporating his quintessential eclectic style with distinctive DJcomponents to engineer a universally accessible sound that will go on to place his name among the best sound innovators and pioneers.

    Ambrxse has actually had a career worth emulating; he has released countless criticallyacclaimed songs and collaborated with globally renowned artists; each achievement and accolade has served as stepping stones on his staircase to success, and now that he rests at the touchstone of mastery, he intends to stay there long enough to see all his dreams come true, one at a time! With limitless motivation, transitioning to DJ’ing has come with a defining realization that he intends to leverage as he seeks to give his sound a new leash of melodic life. As someone who has been blending with proficient innovation the components of R&B and progressive house, he intends to add the grandiose of DJ’ing to articulate an irresistibly flavored sound that will define his spotless artistry!

    There has always been a way a DJ relates with their crowds, and Ambrxse seeks to pounce on this chemistry and relatability and integrate it into his music, so what you get is almost similar to what you experience with your favorite DJ on the decks. This, plus the fact that he has embellished it with his euphonious and sweet-toned vocals, is reason enough to make you go gaga!

    I have good news: You won’t be waiting too much longer to experience this enthusiastic sound; Ambrxse is working towards the release of his new EP, β€œKiss In The Chaos,” which is set for an early 2023 release. I know it’s hard to keep calm, but with the holiday season kicking in; you won’t even realize
    when the New Year comes calling! Catch up with Ambrxse on all his socials so as to receive real-time updates on his endeavors. In case of anything, we promise you’ll be the first to know!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Multi-Gifted Miami-Based Star Ambrxse Gearing Up for a Takeover in HisCapacities as a Vocalist, Songwriter, and

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