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  • MORTEN Talks His Origins, Future Rave, Upcoming Shows and More [Interview]


    Like a fine wine, Danish DJ/producer MORTEN has gotten better with age. While, he’s recently exploded in popularity and exposure thanks to his Future Rave collaborations with David Guetta, MORTEN has actually been hard at work in the dance music scene for more than a decade. He first made waves in his native Denmark in the late aughts before breaking through to an American audience with tracks with Steve Aoki, Borgeous and others in the mid 2010s. We got the chance to speak with MORTEN about how he started out in the industry, the success of Future Rave, what he did during quarantine and his upcoming MDLBEAST performance. Check out our exclusive interview.

    Hey Morten, thanks for chatting with us. You’ve been in the music industry for quite a long time. Tell us how you originally got started making music and got to where you are today?

    β€œI started making music in a basement with this dope guy from Denmark, we made some records and a few years later we started a culture in Denmark and got gold certifications. Every DJ was playing the records we made, which led us to producing music together for 10 years. In the beginning, the process of making music was very raw and honest. For example, we would accidentally create something we liked, and put a kick under it, and it was a wrap. Nowadays it’s a different process. Today I produce with a plan and the intention to create an emotion and to reach a certain energy level.”

    Over the past couple of years, you’ve gotten exposed to a much wider audience thanks to your Future Rave collab with David Guetta. Tell us how you guys came up with the idea to collaborate and maybe tell us about your friendship with David?

    β€œIn early 2019 I played David some very per rough ideas, and we finished them together, and that’s how Future Rave started. We were friends before that, but of course now that we work so much together we also spend more time with each other.”

    What was it like during the whole pandemic and lockdown for you? How does it feel to be back out on the road too?

    β€œIt was extreme, it still is, but looking back I was very productive. Many used it to take a break, I chose to make a lot of music and started doing a lot of live streams. So lockdown for me was relatively good because I kept myself busy.”

    Having been doing this for such a long time, how do you think you’ve grown as a producer? Do you view things a little differently now that you’re a little older & wiser?

    β€œYes, 100 procent. I would say the most important thing is that I got to be my own biggest critic, that’s crucial when producing music.”

    You are set to perform at MDLBEAST’s Soundstorm show in December. How excited are you to perform at this spectacle, given it is estimated to be one of the biggest festivals in the Middle East to date?

    β€œI’m so so excited, I really am!! I’m even working on a special record for that show only! I love the Middle East, it feels like my second home!”

    I’m guessing we can expect more Future Rave stuff going forward. You guys show no signs of slowing down. What else can we expect from you and how do you plan to keep the Morten brand separate from Future Rave?

    β€œRight now my focus is on Future Rave, and I’m having too much fun with it to think of anything else.”

    Any words or advice for the fans?

    β€œI’d say the most important thing is to put the music you really love out there. That’s why David and I created Future Rave, because we were missing a specific sound. Creating something you love yourself and really believe in allows you to achieve great things. Thank you very much for having me!”

    Check out the latest Future Rave single from David Guetta and Morten with Roland Clark, β€œAlive Again,” out now on Musical Freedom.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: MORTEN Talks His Origins, Future Rave, Upcoming Shows and More [Interview]

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