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  • Maouno: The Rapid Rise of his Hit Single “Arrêter de Rager”


    Maouno is a young French artist who became known for his original music and unique style that blends different musical genres. But it was his single “Arrêter de Rager”, released in 2022, that truly propelled his music career.

    The single quickly made waves on social media, with over 4 million views in just a few
    weeks. The song was praised for its deep and thoughtful lyrics, addressing topics such as
    love, life, and modern society. The sophisticated production of the single was also very appreciated by music fans.

    The music video for “Arrêter de Rager&”, directed by Maouno himself, also had great success on YouTube, with an original aesthetic and poignant images that perfectly illustrate the lyrics of the song.

    The success of “Arrêter de Rager” allowed Maouno to get noticed in the French music industry. He was invited to participate in television and radio shows to talk about his music, as well as in music festivals to perform live in front of an excited audience.

    But for Maouno, the success of”Arrêter de Rager” is not only due to its musical quality, but also to its ability to touch people with its lyrics. The song reflects the doubts and aspirations of a whole generation, and has touched the hearts and minds of young French people. With “Arrêter de Rager”, Maouno has proven to be a talented and creative artist, capable of creating songs that resonate with his audience. We are excited to see what the future holds for this rising artist.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Maouno: The Rapid Rise of his Hit Single “Arrêter de Rager”

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