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  • Love,Shaun Makes A Statement With ‘Nothing Feels the Same’


    Scottish producer Love,Shaun has once again captivated the electronic music scene. He has done so with his latest release ‘Nothing Feels the Same‘. The track is constructed around a powerful refrain, with bold and infectious beats as its backbone. The track’s drums coupled with its jittering atmospherics make it a heartfelt anthem made for the dancefloor. Following the success of his previous single ‘The Heat’, Love,Shaun continues to impress. He blends deep emotional undercurrents with compelling club beats to create a track that feels both familiar and entirely new.

    Emotional Depths and Dancefloor Dynamics

    Nothing Feels the Same’ captivates with its profound emotional resonance, highlighted by a thrilling crescendo. This crescendo culminates in a powerful drop, accentuated by heart-thumping synths. These synths seem to echo with a deep sense of yearning. Since his arrival on the scene, Love,Shaun has shown a remarkable skill in weaving complex emotional stories into his club anthems. ‘Nothing Feels the Same’ enhances this prowess, offering a sonic journey that not only stirs but also deeply connects with its audience, compelling them to immerse themselves in the beat and the poignant essence of transformation

    Beyond the music, Love,Shaun’s burgeoning career is gathering pace with significant milestones. His major-label debut began with ‘The Rush’, setting the stage for exciting developments. His recognition expanded after his first live performance at a Coachella 2023 party and continued growth on platforms like SoundCloud, where his early demos gained viral traction. With over a million streams and counting, Love,Shaun is not just producing hits but is also crafting a narrative of success and connection in the electronic music world. His upcoming club night ‘Motion’ in Glasgow promises to be a pivotal moment, with ‘Nothing Feels the Same’ guaranteed to be a highlight, captivating audiences with its compelling beats and emotional resonance.

    Love Shaun’s ‘Nothing Feels the Same‘ is out now Astralwerks, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

    Love,Shaun – Nothing Feels the Same | STREAM

    About Love, Shaun:


    Love,Shaun creates emotional dance music that transports listeners to a visceral place. For the Scottish
    producer, that place takes root in his own studio, which comes alive when he’s in create mode. As he’s
    making music—blurring genres such as house, breakbeats, garage, and rave—the walls beam with
    projections of footage from festivals and raves, where crowds heave and burst in unison seemingly at his
    command. “With the lights off and different colors, it provokes you,” he says. “You feel like you’re making a
    song for those people.”

    Shaun’s debut single on Astralwerks, “The Rush,” delivers spellbinding euphoria that could easily rouse real-
    life crowds. From a slow, haunting open with a fleeting vocal, transcendent chords and rapid percussion lift
    the track to its strobing, ‘90s-house release, creating alternating moments of communal captivation and
    unraveling. Its atmospheric essence represents how, for Shaun, dance music goes much deeper than dancing.
    “It’s about people hearing it and actually feeling good, feeling something that takes them out of their day for
    a minute,” he says. “And I think that’s probably the most important thing because it does that to me when I
    make it. I want people to feel the same way.”

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