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  • LIB: Amenities, Accommodations, Camping Experience, and More


    *Featured Cover Photo Credit: Do Lab / Don Idio (@divisuals)

    The Memorial Day weekend is approaching very soon. That means, it will bring out the return of one of the world’s most exciting community-focused music and boutique festivals, Lightning in a Bottle (or LIB, another popular name to use for the festival). LIB will return to the uplifting and vibrant surroundings of Buena Vista Lake, 29 miles southwest of Bakersfield and 111 miles north of Los Angeles, and the festivities will commence on May 22 and end on the 27th, Memorial Day itself. Some of the amazing headliners at LiB 2024 include the likes of Skrillex, Labrinth, Lane 8, Fatboy Slim, Clozee, Nora En Pure and many more spectacular artists who will electrify the bright daytime skies and the tranquil nighttime skies over the festival grounds of LIB 2024.

    Wonderful amenities, various accommodations, memorable camping experience, and other wonderful features at LIB 2024

    Also, the amenities, accommodations. camping experience and various, unforgettable features that the festival will provide for many of the attendees who will enjoy a great weekend at Buena Vista Lake. At the moment of this writing, fans can still purchase 3-day Festival GA passes for $369 while anyone who wants to attend the festival for an extra two days can purchase the 5-day GA passes for $439. In addition, for any fans who would like to have the VIP treatment, they can purchase the 3-day VIP Festival passes for $669 while the 5-day VIP passes cost $799. Click here to purchase the passes to attend and participate in this grand, memorable festival.

    The passes though, also come with the extra fees, but the memories that one will make at the festival will be worth it. Here is the full summary of the wonderful amenities, various accommodations, memorable camping experience, and other wonderful features that anyone who is planning to attend this year’s Lightning in a Bottle.

    LIB 2024 Art and Entertainment AmenitiesPhoto Credit: Do Lab / Jess Gallo / Atlas Media (@helloatlasmedia)

    Passes and accommodation options of Lightning in a Bottle

    One of the coolest things that LIB attendees can do is been bringing in their cars and RVs onto the campgrounds and they can even set up their own group campsites as well. For anyone who plans to park their car and rest in it /or set up their tents next to their car, they can purchase general Car Parking Pass for $40, Car Camping Pass for $165, and Car Camping+ Pass for for $240. The latter pass is for anyone who is planning to bring in their small trailer and the trailer cargo area must not exceed 8ft in length. For anyone who is planning to bring in their RVs, there are plenty of options too.

    Anyone who plans to bring in short RVs (less than 27ft), they can pay $435 if they do not plan to hook up any power source or they can pay $935 if they would like to have a 30 Amp RV power hookup. For anyone driving in long RVs (more than 27ft), the price is $555 if they are not using a power source or if they would like to use the 30 Amp RV power hookup, the price is $1,055. For anyone planning to camp out as a group with their friends, there are 40Γ—40 and 80Γ—80 RV and Group Campsite options respectively (six options in total, three 40Γ—40 options and three 80Γ—80 options). The 40Γ—040 RV Campsites will be at the Sunrise Camp while the 80Γ—89 Group Campsites will be at the Sunset Camp.

    New β€œEasy Peasy” additions and Family Camp passes

    New to the LIB festival surroundings are the β€œEasy Peasy” tent and RV accommodations, which is the festival providing basic tent and RV packages for the fans without the fans having to do the preparations by themselves. The β€œEasy Bed” Bed Tent options are 1-Bed and 2-Bed and those options come with queen-size air mattresses (with pumps), sleeping bags, pillows, and even lanterns too. The β€œEasy Peasy” RV packages have 1-2 person standard RV, 2-6 standard RV, and Class-A Luxury RV options. These amazing RV options even come with power hookups, queen and twin-size beds, and basic kitchen equipment, as well as comfortable living spaces inside the RVs.

    Another awesome aspect of Lightning in a Bottle every year is that it one of the few music and boutique festivals that welcome families onto the festival grounds to enjoy the beautiful sights and rhythmic sounds. The Family Camp is a designated community campsite that allows families, particularly those with very young children, to access diverse amenities including a community shade structure and dedicated camp portos suitable for all ages.

    LIB 2024 Camping ExperiencePhoto Credit: Do Lab / Jamal Eid (@jamal.eid)

    Atlaswyld Boutique Campground

    The Atlaswyld Boutique Campground is a premium onsite camping experience to ensure world-class comfort and convenience for any attendee who still likes to have fun while feeling blissful relaxation at the same time. The features that the Atlaswyld Boutique Campground has are shaded lounges, premium restrooms and sinks with running water, private showers and changing rooms, daily yoga and meditation classes, the Atlaswyld Beach Club and Bar, a private beach alongside lake swimming access, multiple phone charging stations in the lounges, and proximity parking for Atlaswyld guest cars. This innovative camping area of LIB 2024 provides multiple tiers of cozy topia and zoropa tents, as well as modern airstream RVs that guests can also rent out for the duration of their time at the festival.

    Good, positive vibes all around the LIB 2024 camping experience

    Aside from witnessing phenomenal performances from the headlining stars at the LIB’s seven stages, the vast amount of colorful and mesmerizing amenities at the festival make the overall experience a grand one. Regardless if one is a big fan of techno, house, bass, hip-hop, pop, folk, Americana, or other genres, everyone can still partake in multiple, diverse entertainment and community gathering events that are found throughout festival grounds. Fans will witness expansive culture and culture offerings in the Compass, a large community circle where people can observe, debate, and also learn from the 150 talks and discussions with visionaries, experts and thought leaders from around the world. The fans can learn a skill or more in the skills-building workshops available such as medicine making and trades.

    Interactive spaces, enthralling art galleries, and other immersive experiences can make a fan feel like they are in another, whole new world of euphoria, nostalgia, and optimism for the future all at the same time. Furthermore, the yoga and movement classes will enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the fans who will partake in those classes. The classes support many participants with various styles and skill levels that are comfortable for their learning pace. The Marketplace is a vast and incredible area for the fans to enjoy visiting and adding into their overall LIB camping experience. At the Marketplace, one will find multiple food vendors serving up delicious dishes, community artisans crafting beautiful and original art works, health therapy booths to uplift oneself, and souvenir kiosks selling mementos to present to friends and families back home.

    LIB 2024 Campground ExperiencePhoto Credit: Do Lab

    Attending Lightning in a Bottle will be an unforgettable adventure

    One of the best things to experience at every edition of Lightning in a Bottle is being around a happy, supportive community of individuals, coming from all backgrounds, who share the same love for good vibes, great music, and a vibrant atmosphere altogether. The great community of fans, artists, vendors, performers, musicians, teachers, thought leaders, and volunteers aim to make the LIB experience something that they can talk about with excitement as always for many years to come.

    For anyone who would like to become part of the LIB 2024 team, visit this link and complete the applications to express interest for involvement. Finally, for any readers who may have any questions about the amenities, accommodations, camping experience and the various features of the festival, visit the β€œInfo & FAQ” page of LIB 2024. The β€œInfo & FAQ” page contains answers to frequently-asked questions and inquiries such as the locations of the Will Call/Box Office/Festival Gates, Lost & Found, First Aid/Medical, Camping Regulations, and much more.

    LIB 2024 Community VibesPhoto Credit: Do Lab / Marlene Sanchez (@_mars.photo)

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