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  • Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz Collab On Electrifying 5-Track EP ‘Operation Midnight (Part 2)’ EP


    A producer, DJ and sound designer based in Essex, Klasey Jones has always been inspired by his love of video games and soundtrack music – everything from Sony’s The Last Of Us series to GTA Vice City. Meticulous in learning the ropes of sound design, developing a rich, deeply idiosyncratic sound palette all of his own in the process, his hours behind the boards have – up to this point – often done much of his talking for him. Ethereal by design but also intensely visual, his music rapidly won fans from across the wave, trap and instrumental grime communities, spawning a series of further projects, including a raft of singles and two full-length, self-released albums; 2017’s ‘Eleven’ and 2019’s ‘Voodoo Estate’. The response to both was fevered. 

    The Wildcatz are two of the four former members of the group True Tiger. Just a few of their accomplishments include world premieres on some of the biggest electronic radio shows at the time, BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra. They’ve worked with the likes of P Money, Big Narstie, Riz MC and have even done an official dubstep remix of Snoop Dogg.

    Now, these two talented artists have come together for what is an electrifying, cinematic 5-track EP titled ‘Operation Midnight (Part 2)’. Their chemistry together is undeniable, seamlessly capturing this movie/video-game-esque vibe while also infusing enormous creativity at every turn to keep you glued to the speakers, enticed as to what will come next. “Trojan Horse” is a great example of this, shaking up expectations with a cinematically-infused drum and bass tune, as Sooski’s vocals glide overtop wonderfully.

    Diego’s Theme” really highlights the talent of both Jones and The Wildcatz. It’s another impressively innovative song that somehow goes from trap to house and you barely have time to think about it because it’s done so well.

    You cannot go wrong with any song on this EP, as Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz truly struck gold on this. Check it out below!


    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz Collab On Electrifying 5-Track EP ‘Operation Midnight (Part 2)’ EP

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