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  • Hidden Axis & Medyk Link Up For Emotional Melodic Bass Single “Matrix” + Interview


    In the Bay Area’s vibrant sonic landscape, Hidden Axis, born Julie Yeung, stands as a testament to authentic metamorphosis. With a background deeply rooted in STEM, she found her true “hidden axis” in music. Her previous offering, “Better Off Alone,” amassed an astounding 264,000+ streams across all platforms.

    Medyk, an enigmatic singer and songwriter, accolades and collaborations are nothing short of inspiring. Having collaborated with industry powerhouses such as Slander, ARMNHMR, Synymata, Adventure Club, N3wport, Culture Code, Murdoch, and Whales, she’s carved out a distinctive place in the music industry. The resonance of her work is not only evident in the whopping 9 million streams she’s amassed across platforms but also in her notable presence on Spotify editorial playlists like Heart Beats and ARMNHMR DJ Mix.

    Now, these two immensely talented artists have come together for their latest single “Matrix” – and emotional melodic bass single that boasts a stadium rocking chorus. Taking cues from the eponymous movie, the song encapsulates the trials of a sensitive overthinker, trying to navigate an alternate reality of her own creation, a personal ‘Matrix’. It’s a beautiful rollercoaster of emotions that only leaves us wanting more!

    As a song, “Matrix” is an attempt to package the complex mix of emotions, moods, and thoughts that I experience as an over-thinker and sensitive individual.” – Hidden Axis

    We also had the opportunity to chat with Hidden Axis about the song, her career, and what’s ahead. Enjoy!

    The track’s title “Matrix” and its ties to the struggles of an overthinker are intriguing. How did you decide on the name, and what’s its link to the renowned film?

    The name was from one of the demos that Medyk wrote that I connected to a lot. Much like there’s an alternate reality with an army in the film, the anxious and overthinking character in this song grapples with an alternate reality that she’s created inside her head — one where she believes there is an “army aiming at her” that 

    Transitioning from a STEM-focused background to the world of music is quite a leap. How has this unique path shaped your musical style and lyricism?

    I’m not sure that STEM directly influenced my musical style and lyricism, but I would say it definitely made me a little more aware of my “why” for music. I’d pursued STEM not because I loved it, but because it was conventional and safe. When music came into my life, I felt free, present, and fulfilled, which was a stark contrast. And although I am super grateful to have received the education that I did, I felt like I didn’t have the best mental health. So perhaps part of why I enjoy writing about mental health so much may stem from that. And my hope is that in feeling and connecting with my music, folks can connect to and reflect upon what makes them feel most “free” as well. 

    Your song “Better Off Alone” garnered impressive streams. Did that success create any expectations or pressure as you worked on “Matrix”?

    I honestly did not think about stream count too much when I was creating music. Maybe I was comparing back to this track to see how I could elevate my production chops for this release, but that was more from a curiosity and learning standpoint. I did start to think more about how this song would do as I moved more into the releasing phases though…so we’ll see!

    As a voice in the Bay Area’s dynamic music community, in what ways do you feel your sound adds to or differentiates itself within this scene?

    As someone who loves melodic bass, I’d definitely say that genre has a heavy influence on how I write. However, I also really have been enjoying writing midtempo bass, drum and bass, and other genres, so I’d say my “sound” is a cross-pollination between sounds from various genres. 

    Collaborating with Medyk on “Matrix” must’ve been an amalgamation of two distinct styles. How was that experience for you? 

    Honestly it didn’t feel like two distinct styles since the writing process went pretty smooth! When we were starting off, I told her roughly what I wanted to write about, she wrote a couple concepts, I chose “Matrix” then the rest was history. Medyk is honestly so talented and I’m grateful to have gotten to work with her.

    There’s buzz about your future collaborations with artists like Wisner, Meggie York, and Luma. Could you offer a glimpse into the stylistic direction these might take?

    Yeah I’m super stoked about those. The vibes for these tracks are dark and moody, and they intentionally explore sounds from different genres: Drum and Bass, Melodic Bass, and Midtempo. Stay tuned!

    You’ve emphasized the emotional depth of “Matrix.” What sentiment or takeaway do you hope listeners derive from the track?

    Yep so Matrix attempts to capture the complexity and intensity of emotions of someone who is sensitive, socially anxious, and an overthinker (maybe me). Whatever their connection to the song may be, I hope that the song makes listeners feel something. 

    Anything you can reveal coming forth in the future?

    Got more shows coming up! Playing Breakaway Fest on Friday, October 13 at the San Francisco Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. And I got more songs and shows coming up, stay tuned 😉

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Hidden Axis & Medyk Link Up For Emotional Melodic Bass Single “Matrix” + Interview

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