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  • Headliners Share Their Favorite Scary Movies Ahead of Escape Halloween


    Escape Halloween is only a week away. North America’s largest Halloween festival returns to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino October 27-28. Select tickets are still available.

    Insomniac has also teamed up with Grand Central Night Market for a special screening of Scream (1996) at the Million Dollar Theater on October 24. RSVPs have sold out, but you can still secure a ticket at the screening, all while enjoying all of the plentiful food the Market has to offer.

    To help you get in the Halloween spirit, we wanted to share a select handful of artists’ on the Escape lineup’s favorite scary movie. From some more lighthearted fare to some of the freakiest films of all time, check out what some of Escape’s top artists enjoy for spooky season.

    Movie: Midsommar

    β€œMidsommar is my favorite scary movie of all time. The movie made me feel feelings that were so deep and mysterious. It doesn’t compare to any other movie I’ve ever seen.”

    Movie: The Hills Have Eyes

    β€œMy favorite scary movie is The Hills Have Eyes. The reason this one resonated with me so much is because I grew up in the desert, and I would go on camping trips in the winter with my family. When we went out, it was usually in the middle of nowhere, like the setting for this movie. A lot of the time, the places we chose had abandoned towns next to them, like Jerome, Arizona. I always viewed these trips as peaceful because you could see the stars so clearly at night. I couldn’t imagine having my childhood trips turn the way the movie did. Plus, the characters in this movie are so great to watch. They did a really great job with the villains and their makeup.”

    Movie: Saw

    β€œI was 12, after school at my friend’s house, and his older brother showed us a youtube compilation of β€œsaw” traps to try and scare us. We obviously pretended we were all grown up and it didn’t bother us (spoiler it did), and the three of us ended up watching Saw 2 to prove it. His parents came back and found us, we all got in trouble (I also had nightmares for weeks afterwards). But I’ve watched it again since; I think it’s a weird type of nostalgia but I actually really enjoyed it”

    Movie: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    β€œI actually am too jumpy for most horror movies, so for Halloween I like to stick to some more light-hearted classics. Linus getting scared in the pumpkin patch is about as scary as I want to go. No SAW for me.”

    Movie: The Grudge

    β€œThe Grudge completely traumatized my childhood and I stopped watching any scary movies for a while. I remember being so scared that I was afraid of taking showers because of the scene where the girls get her hair grabbed mid-shower. I also remember seeing The Grudge girl a couple of times during my sleep paralysis, so it’s been haunting me ever since.”

    Mariana BO
    Movie: IT

    β€œI don’t usually watch horror movies, but this is one of the ones that I find the most terrifying. I’ve always been unnerved by clowns, making this film especially frightening. As a child, it was so scary that I couldn’t even bear to watch it!”

    Movie: Scream

    β€œI really love the Scream movies from the slasher franchise! I watch them all throughout the year with my girlfriend. It’s like a thing we do together. They have the ability to keep us on the edge of our seats everytime we watch them. For me, it’s all about the message hidden in plain sight and the unique cinematography in the films that keep me coming back and if I am being honest also bleeds into how I try to make music. This last one was sooooo good!”

    See you at the Psycho Circus this weekend! Daily stage lineups and official Escape 2023 trailer are below.


    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Headliners Share Their Favorite Scary Movies Ahead of Escape Halloween

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