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  • F.O.O.L Sets The Stage For Upcoming Debut Album, MACHINE – Teams Up With Waveshaper For Synthwave Anthem ‘Encounter’


    Since emerging in the European electro scene back in 2009, F.O.O.L is the alter-ego of Swedish musician Rasmus Hermansen. Sporting his iconic mask, he symbolizes a crossover into a futuristic, cyberpunk-esque world, where a fusion of bass and cinematic soundscapes reign supreme.F.O.O.L’s 2020 anthem “Criminals” has seen astronomical success. It has been used in over 100,000 shorts on YouTube, resulting in more than 4 Billion streams and 40 Million hours watched, along with a similar presence on TikTok. On top of “Criminal”, F.O.O.L has accumulated a substantial following in the gaming community. He has had multiple placements on Rocket League, such as “INERTIA” and his remix of “Horsepower” with TOKYO ROSE.

    Boasting an equally magnetizing signature sound is Waveshaper, a versatile electronic music producer and video game composer inspired by the soundtrack scene of the 80s and early 90s. Like F.O.O.L, his sonic atmosphere is also cinematic and melodic, pulling elements from Atari, Amiga, and other video games he grew up playing. This innovative veteran has released 9 breathtaking LPs while producing original music for media like Netflix and Ubisoft.

    Together, F.O.O.L and Waveshaper prove to be a thrilling and innovative team – and their single ‘Encounter’ – signed to Monstercat – is a testament to the greatness we’ve come to expect from each artist. Packed with eerie melodies and driving, distorted synth stabs, the ceiling of success for ‘Encounter’ seems limitless. It is an exciting preview for what lies ahead, as F.O.O.L gears up for the release of MACHINE next month, a project guaranteed to redefine the possibilities of sound and musical storytelling.

    “I discovered Waveshaper back in 2015 after finding his album ‘Exploration 84’ on Spotify, and I have been a fan of his music ever since. His diverse productions of the synthwave genre inspired me to create more of it, so he’s played a big role in me getting back into producing more synth-like stuff again. In ‘Encounter’, we gave our all to tell a captivating story through sound.”F.O.O.L.

    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: F.O.O.L Sets The Stage For Upcoming Debut Album, MACHINE – Teams Up With Waveshaper For Synthwave Anthem ‘Encounter’

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