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  • [EVENT REVIEW] Keinemusik: A Night To Remember At Exposition Park Los Angeles


    Last Saturday, on May 4, 2024, Exposition Park in Los Angeles was the place to be for music lovers as the renowned collective Keinemusik delivered an unforgettable show. The night kicked off with Andre Power setting the stage on fire, preparing the crowd for a night of soulful dancing. As the sun began to set, Keinemusik took over at 7 pm, leaving Angelenos mesmerized and craving for. Let’s dive into the details of this epic night that will surely be etched in the memories of all those who were lucky enough to be present.

    Keinemusik_ExpoPark_20240504_6717-KWK-10Photo credit: kinderella

    As the first act of the night, Andre Power wasted no time in getting the crowd in the right mood for what was to come. With his infectious energy and impeccable track selection, he seamlessly transitioned between genres, creating a sonic landscape that had everyone on their feet. From classic House tunes to modern Techno beats, Andre Power curated a set that appealed to the diverse audience at Exposition Park. The air was filled with anticipation as the sun began to dip below the horizon, signaling the imminent arrival of Keinemusik.

    Andre Power’s ability to read the crowd and adjust his set accordingly was truly impressive. He had a way of connecting with the audience, making them feel like they were part of something special. The atmosphere was electric, with people from all walks of life coming together to share in the universal language of music. As the last notes of Andre Power’s set faded away, the stage was set for Keinemusik to take the spotlight and deliver a performance that would be talked about for years to come.

    Keinemusik Takes Center Stage

    Keinemusik_ExpoPark_20240504_8055-KWK-10Photo credit: kinderella

    As the clock struck 7 pm, the moment that everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. Keinemusik stepped onto the stage and immediately commanded the attention of everyone in the park. Their unique blend of Deep House, Techno, and soulful beats had the crowd moving from the first note, and it was clear that this was going to be a performance to remember.

    Keinemusik’s energy was infectious, and their passion for their music was evident in every beat they played. The crowd was completely entranced, dancing as if their lives depended on it, lost in the music and the moment. The energy in the park was electric, with every person in attendance feeling a connection to the music and to each other.

    Keinemusik_ExpoPark_20240504_7403-KWK-10Photo credit: kinderella

    As the night went on, Keinemusik continued to deliver one unforgettable track after another, keeping the energy high and the crowd on their feet. Their set was a perfect blend of old favorites and new tracks, keeping everyone engaged and dancing until the early hours of the morning. By the time they took their final bow, the crowd was left in awe, wanting more and already looking forward to the next time they could experience the group live.

    About Keinemusik


    Keinemusik is a group made up of five Berlin-based DJs, producers, and artists – Rampa, &ME, Adam Port, Monja, and Reznik. What does β€œkeine musik” mean? Well, it directly translates to β€œno music” in German. Interesting choice to say the least.

    The origin story of the group starts with Rampa and &ME’s first meeting at a recording studio in Kreuzberg where &ME was an intern. They hit it off and began meeting regularly to work on music. Rampa already knew two of the other members who would eventually make up the collective – Adam Port and Reznik. It was Rampa’s idea to form a collective. Keinemusk came to fruition in 2009 when Reznik relocated to Berlin. Shortly thereafter, they met Monja, who was bartending at the club they had a residency at. They brought her on as their creative director/designer of sorts as she is a visual artist. They formed this powerful group and the rest is history.

    At the center of the collective is their record label. Their mission statement is β€œThe spirit to find your own agenda and let nobody get in the way. The spirit of refining House and Techno off the beaten path”.

    Fashion is an essential pillar of the Keinemusik brand. The group has been making merch since its conception. Just a few years after getting together, the group landed a collaboration with Nike. The group worked with Nike on their release of the Nike Air Pegasus ’89 β€œBerlin,” a tribute to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. They’ve had several other notable fashion collaborations throughout the years including working with Converse and designer Native Teenage.

    The group is still actively releasing music and running the festival circuit worldwide. It doesn’t seem like they’re planning on slowing down any time soon.

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