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  • DROELOE Releases Beautiful, Sonically Eclectic Debut Solo Album ‘The Art of Change’


    It’s no secret that DROELOE is one of the most forward thinking artists around. He consistently pushes sonic and creative boundaries that make it impossible to place him in just one genre.

    His latest offering – ‘The Art of Change’ – is his debut solo album and shows DROELOE at his absolute best and most vulnerable at the same time. At the same time, he seamlessly traverses indie, future bass, drum and bass, two step, UK garage genres in a way that feels entirely organic. Perhaps the most unique aspect to the album is that it documents DROELOE having conversations throughout the album with past and future selves as he ages throughout life. It’s perfectly executed and at times, sharing exuberance about life and at others, showing regret for mistakes made – all the while still wanting to make an effort to grow.

    “This album is a collection of ideas that I find important within my own personal development. It is a journey to turn these ideas into songs and symbolic places, one that helps me to visit those ideas more often. I want to become a more active participant in my own growth, this album is a step in that direction” – DROELOE

    Each song is intentional and has a purpose on the album. A few standouts for us include the mesmerizing single “Strange Wave,” indie / drum n bass single “Landscape,” the anthemic tune “Lionheart” and “Counting Ten,” the album’s final number that concludes the experience in an emotive, somewhat bittersweet manner.

    All in all, ‘The Art of Change’ is an album that is sure to stand the test of time – one that no matter how many times you listen – you only want to listen more.

    Check it out below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DROELOE Releases Beautiful, Sonically Eclectic Debut Solo Album ‘The Art of Change’

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