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  • DJ Harvey reveals month-long artist residency at Bali’s new venue Klymax


    DJ Harvey will be residing at Klymax Discotheque, Potato Head this May, commencing an eagerly awaited month-long residency.

    The DJ, producer and global scene provocateur will take the controls every Saturday night for four consecutive weekends from 11 May to 1 June, performing all night long for each show. Tickets are availableΒ here.

    While Harvey is no stranger to DJ residencies β€” his pivotal Ministry of Sound sessions and Mercury Rising at Pikes Ibiza are the stuff of legend β€” this marks the first time he’s found a musical home in a venue he helped create from ground to sound. Opened with an all-night session by Harvey himself on New Year’s Eve, all aspects of Klymax are designed to Harvey’s specifications, with the seasoned selector pouring every ounce of a lifetime’s knowledge of nightclub experience into building the ideal space for himself, the crowd and the guest DJs he invites to play there. Every element is perfectly pitched to translate Harvey’s irrepressible dance floor sonics exactly as he envisions, from the DJ booth and sound system to the lighting and acoustics and, as he likes to say with a smile, down to the bathrooms.Β 

    unnamed-4-1.jpg?resize=810%2C540&ssl=1 unnamed-3.jpg?resize=810%2C540&ssl=1 unnamed-2.jpg?resize=810%2C540&ssl=1 unnamed-1.jpg?resize=810%2C540&ssl=1

    Combining groundbreaking music and pioneering cinematics, Harvey has selected a series of films to be screened in Potato Head Soundspace during his Bali sojourn, with iconic titles from the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Ken Russell hand-picked to captivate cinephiles and music lovers alike.Β 

    Klymax Friday night sessions will feature guest DJs such as HAAi, Jonathan Kusuma, and Sophie McAlister, plus residents Seabass, Gero and Dita, completing a diverse and complementary lineup for what’s sure to be a memorable month of musical and visual immersion.

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