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  • Crazü and GC (Gate Citizens) Link Up For Dynamic New Album ‘Love Forever’


    The highly anticipated album “Love Forever” by the dynamic musical duo GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü is now available, offering a musical journey that transcends genres. Released on September 20th, this collaboration promises an electrifying and genre-defying listening
    experience. “We wrote most of these songs from our own experiences, hoping our audience would connect with the wide range of emotions and insights, including the ups and downs of life and love,” GC said. Crazü elaborated, “This release revolves around the intricate nuances of love that we believe
    resonate with a broad audience, encompassing themes of authentic love, drama, club anthems, and music festival favorites.”

    GC, originally hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, and currently splitting his time between Los Angeles and New York, brings a unique blend of reggae and dancehall influences infused with soulful R&B harmonies. His artist name, GC (Gate Citizens), reflects his unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, paying homage to his extensive world tours. Crazü, born Sebastian Laborde in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, and now based in Los Angeles, draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical genres, including EDM, pop, and classical elements.

    His artist name, Crazü, signifies a level of creativity and intensity that goes beyond the ordinary, as defined by the Urban Dictionary. His versatile and captivating style has graced stages around the globe, sharing the spotlight with EDM luminaries like Gareth Emery, R3Hab, and Nervo. “Love Forever” comprises 13 tracks that delve into the complexities of love and life, offering listeners a diverse range of emotions and experiences. From heartfelt love songs to infectious club anthems and festival-ready tracks, this album caters to a wide spectrum of musical tastes.

    Crazü describes their sound as “breathing new life into everyday music,” with a focus on reviving feel-good tunes that resonate deeply with the audience. “This release is about bringing a new sound to everyday listening,” he says. “Music has evolved in so many ways over the past five decades, and we really want to bring back some feel-good music that truly hits home.” GC added, “This album is a fusion of Reggae and Dancehall dialect, R&B tones and harmonies,

    EDM-infused production coupled with Hip Hop and popular genres, all while never losing sight of the humanity and emotions we all feel. The album’s lead single, “Solar System,” featuring enchanting vocals from GC, Emmillienne, and Ana Stasia, takes listeners on a cosmic journey through the universe, showcasing their innovative and boundary-pushing musical artistry.

    Beyond their musical endeavors, GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü are committed to making a positive impact. They are already working on a documentary in Brazil that sheds light on Amazon Rainforest deforestation and its profound cultural and musical implications. Through “Love Forever,” GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü aim to unite music enthusiasts from all walks of life, delivering a message of love and unity through their eclectic and genre-blurring sounds.

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Crazü and GC (Gate Citizens) Link Up For Dynamic New Album ‘Love Forever’

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