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  • BADVOID Drops Massive ‘Mutiny’ EP Via Sounds of Mayhem


    Emerging as a groundbreaking force in Drum and Bass, BADVOID, the 22-year-old phenom born in the UK and now based between Brisbane, Australia, and Los Angeles, has released his highly anticipated ‘MUTINY EP’ via Sounds Of Mayhem. This electrifying EP is his best work to date, a testament to BADVOID’s ability to push musical boundaries, infusing Drum and Bass with a unique blend of rocktronic and punk influences.

    “KEEP IT HARDCORE” is a heavy drum & bass track featuring PERSONA NON GRATA, a Los Angeles-based artist. Born from an encounter at a Delta Heavy show in LA, this track combines ravey drum fills, gritty saw wave synths, and dark electronic guitars. It’s a relentless sonic assault that sets the tone for the EP.

    The Dr Ushuu remix of “KEEP IT HARDCORE” elevates this track with mesmerizing energy and filthy vibes. Dr Ushuu emerged from the suburbs of the city of lights, with a rare blend of joviality, experience and innovation.

    “CAUTION” seamlessly blends rocktronic elements with drum and bass. Drawing inspiration from the dark riffs of Metallica, this track is characterized by gritty reese basses, chuggy electronic guitars, and metal-infused vocals. It’s a sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of genre fusion.

    “UNREST” takes a different approach, delivering a heavy metal drum and bass-infused track. It features distorted dubstep-influenced basses, heavy reese basses, and hard-hitting drums. It’s a dark and intense composition that showcases BADVOID‘s versatility and willingness to explore new sonic territories.

    “I created this EP to signify change and signal the next evolution of the BADVOID sound. The meaning behind Mutiny is ‘refuse to obey the orders of a person in authority.’ This EP relates more in a self-mutiny way as I am the one in charge of my creative output. To rebel against the rules I created upon myself when it comes to writing music, as there are no rules in creativity and music.”BADVOID

    Listen below!

    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: BADVOID Drops Massive ‘Mutiny’ EP Via Sounds of Mayhem

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